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Honduran Health Care

Honduras has poor quality health care and access to adequate facilities is directly related to how rich or poor you are. If you are unable to pay the high costs involved, public health care is almost nonexistent.

Malnutrition is widespread in Honduras, and almost 35% of the children experience stunting between the ages of 2 and 5. Additionally, the majority of the population lacks access to public water and sanitation facilities. Consequently, Honduras has a high infant mortality rate of 65 to 1,000 births along with a low life expectancy of under 65 years.

Because of the terrain, most of the rural population of Honduras does not have access to medical facilities, doctors and medications. The few government facilities that do exist are understaffed, with little or no equipment.

Honduras Mayan temple ruins

Infectious and parasitic diseases including Tuberculosis present serious problems and are the leading causes of death throughout the country.

Honduras has little or no preventative vaccines available to their population and Aids is of great concern to the health authorities.

Cholera due to poor sanitary conditions is a constant and ever present threat to government officials and due to low economic conditions, the future of health care country wide is more than likely to remain inadequate in the foreseeable future.