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Honduras Geography Information

Honduras is the second largest republic in Central America with a total area of around 112,000 square kilometers and is bordered by the Caribbean to the North, Nicaragua to the South East, the Pacific Ocean to the South, El Salvador and Guatemala to the West.

Honduras also has a number of Islands under its territorial control; the Roatan, the Utila, and the Guanaja, which form the Bay Islands in the Caribbean Sea. The Bay Islands “archipelago” also has the smaller islets of Barbareta, Santa Elena, and Morat. Also the Swan Islands, which are now called the Santanillas and include a number of smaller keys called Cayos Zapotillos and Cochinos.

In the Golfo de Fonseca, Honduras also controls Isla Zacate and Isla Exposicion.

Honduras Roatan Islands

Made up of 3 distinct topographical regions that include 2 coastal lowlands and an interior highland, which is a mountainous area that comprises almost 80% of the country’s terrain. Lacking the rich volcanic ash that is found in other Central American countries along with the rugged mountain terrain has made much of Honduras not only difficult to cultivate, but to also traverse. The Caribbean lowlands, which is made up of river valleys and coastal plains, has been the most exploited area of Honduras.

The Rio Ulua, which is the widest river close the Guatemalan border is the most developed area in Honduras, and Puerto Cortes along with San Pedro Sula, which is Honduran’s industrial capital, are located there.

The Pacific lowlands which is the smallest region in Honduras is a long strip of flatlands which consists of Mangroves and at this point, the Gulf is very shallow there and consists of swampy lowlands where Shrimp and other shellfish thrive in the warmer, nutrient rich waters.


Ecological issues are a concern because of deforestation and unsustainable agricultural practices.

With 2 major National Park Systems, the Tigra Cloud Forrest Park near Tegucigalpa and the Copan National Park that is near the Guatemalan border and where you can find Mayan ruins.

Also, Honduras has the Rio Platano Reserve where Ecotourism is featured.

Honduras Mayan Temple details