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Honduras Education System

Honduras had no formal education system until the late 1950’s and while the Constitution states that all children between the ages of 7 and 14 are obligated and have access to free primary education, the reality, due to the lack of schools and understaffing, is that the education system of Honduras leaves a lot to be desired and obtaining a good education is still in the hands of the few that have the resources to send their children to private institutions.

Illiteracy is widespread throughout the country and is more than 40% of the entire population and can be more than 80% in the rural areas. This is due to the lack of schools throughout the country along with under staffing. Only 43 percent of the children complete primary school, only 30% go on to secondary education and a mere 8% enroll in university.

Mayan ruins in Honduras

Low wages, poorly educated teachers, poor administration and a general lack of educational materials contribute to this ineffective school system.

The National University of Honduras is the only public University and is located in Tegucigapla with branches in San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba and enrollment stands at 30,000.

Honduras also has private Universities, but even these private institutions lack quality education.