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Honduras Vacation Travel Guide

Honduras is one of the least visited country in Central America which makes it one of the best vacation adventure destinations of all Central America! Why? Because Honduras has outstanding ancient tropical forests, endless sandy beaches, scuba diving off the great barrier reef, friendly lively people and a world to explore — split between an ancient past and a modern utopia. And now American and Canadian Expats have discovered that retirement living in Honduras is very inexpensive and expats are moving to Honduras in the thousands.

Honduran beach sunrise

Some of the ancient Honduran bloodlines include the Garifuna, Africo-caribbeans, the Chorti Maya, near the border to Guatemalan, Miskitos in the Honduran rainforest, and the Lenca people from the south west Honduras. Honduras is a melting pot of cultures from Spain and Europe, China and Palestine.

A favorite tourist destination is the third largest city in Honduras, the port city of La Ceiba, where beautiful beaches and sunny days seque into warm sensual nights of Caribbean music in bars and nightclubs which spill happy revelars onto the streets and beaches. Nearby National parks like the Pico Bonito with their cloud forest reserves offer city dwellers a chance to see nature up close. Other parks in the area are Caprio and Calentura. The third week in May is Carnival in La Ceiba - come visit for the adventure of a lifetime!

scuba dive emerald water honduras

For scuba diving, the world famous Islands just north of La Ceiba, Roatan and the Bay Islands, offer emerald green clear ocean waters for diving, snorkeling, sport fishing and sailing. These islands with their white sand beaches, modern hotels with fine dining and pampering spas are popular with vacationers.

Many other unique aspects of Honduras create a vacation magnet to the educated i pod wearing travelers: La Moskitia, the largest tropical rain forest in North America, Brus laguna known for it's snook and tarpon fishing, Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve is now protected as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Honduras has much to offer the vacation traveler. Come and enjoy the beauty of this Central American eco-tourism travel adventure experience.